What can we do as Christian Grandparents?

Christian grandparents can make a difference. All Grandparents are special. Christian Grandparents should be extra special. All Grandparents have a lasting influence on their grandchildren. A Christian grandparent should have a godly influence that lasts for eternity.
I would love to hear from other Christian Parents and Grandparents as we address some very important issues.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Importance of Grandparents

"Do you like teaching us, Grandma?"  The question was not new but it was important, important enough to give it my full attention.

"I love teaching you," I said, and I meant it.  Noelia knew I did; that's why she asked.  She knew that it would give her a warm secure feeling hearing me tell, once again, how much I enjoyed her company.  It meant that I loved her a lot.

Noelia knows that Mommy and Daddy love her, but sometimes, when Mommy is tired or Daddy is trying to make her behave,  it's hard for her six year old mind to remember.  It's during those times that it helps her to know that grandma loves her enough to want her company.

Never underestimate your importance as a grandparent.  A grandma or grandpa can make a huge impact on a child's life just by showing love.  But it has to be more than hugs, although those are important too. See my Grand Magazine article Hugs and Tweets 

Love means wanting to spend time with them; it means placing a value on what they have to say, and it may even mean setting aside some of our own empty-nest freedom to help keep them out of a corrupted public school setting. 

But if we love them, and we obviously do, none of this is any sacrifice; it is all pure joy.  And the rewards last more than a lifetime; for the Christian grandparent, they last for eternity.

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  1. Now that my 6 year old granddaughter can read, and write some, I have started writing her letters. I was inspired to do this by reading your blog and your stories on connecting with grandchildren. Just recently, when I wrote my granddaughter and asked if she would send me a picture she drew, my daugher said before she knew it, granddaughter had drawn a picture, put it in the envelope, sealed it and wrote 'Joy' on the front. Daughter did not even see what she drew, so I scanned it and e-mailed the photo.

  2. Thank you for sharing that, Joy. I can see that you are developing a bond with your granddaughter. That is so awesome, and it blesses me to know that I have been priveleged to have played a small part.

    Keep working at the relationship, and you will never be sorry.


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