What can we do as Christian Grandparents?

Christian grandparents can make a difference. All Grandparents are special. Christian Grandparents should be extra special. All Grandparents have a lasting influence on their grandchildren. A Christian grandparent should have a godly influence that lasts for eternity.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tying Heartstrings while Baking with the Grandchildren

When my daughter Susy talks about her grandma it often centers around a recipe.  I think about that sometimes and wonder what strings will hold the strongest in tying my grandchildren's hearts to mine.  Will it be the songs we sing together, or the trips we take to the retirement home to bless others, or the math or spelling we have fun working on in the mornings?
Or maybe, like my daughter Susy, it will be the strings we tie in the kitchen.  Like Susy's Grandma, I enjoy passing on family recipes to my grandchildren. 

It's great just to have a good time with the grandkids.  Your making memories and tying heartstrings. 

The recipe for pear platz will be posted on my Helium: How to make Mennonite pear platz with a bread maker

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