What can we do as Christian Grandparents?

Christian grandparents can make a difference. All Grandparents are special. Christian Grandparents should be extra special. All Grandparents have a lasting influence on their grandchildren. A Christian grandparent should have a godly influence that lasts for eternity.
I would love to hear from other Christian Parents and Grandparents as we address some very important issues.

Poems about Grandparents and Grandchildren

Poems about grandparents and grandchildren will be posted here for your convenience.  If you wish to use these poems feel free to do so, but I would appreciate it if you would credit this site as the source.

May I be Your Vision

My grandchild I love you, you know that for sure.
But here's a reminder, when your world is a blur
Of fun and of heartaches, and of learning life's rules
When there's choices ahead, of careers or of schools,

Don't turn to the world for the answers you seek.
The world has gone crazy.  Its future is bleak.
Don't turn to your young friends who have never been there;
Don't hold too much store by the wisdom they share.

They know just what you know, maybe not quite as much.
They've stepped only as far as you have, and as such
They've no first hand knowledge of what's gone on before,
Or what could be waiting beyond that next door.

But my grandchild, I hope I always can be
The one that you turn to when it's too hard to see
Your way through the fog as you journey along.
May I guide your vision till the day that I'm gone?

My eyesight is dim, but be that come what may
My insight grows brighter with each passing day.
And coupled with love, it may be enough,
To help you my grandchild, when your going gets tough.

I love you!

Grandpa is Missing

When Remi comes to Grandma's house,
He races to the doorway
He leaps and barks then stops and looks.
There should be someone more here.

The one who'd set him on his lap
And never seemed to mind him
Not the doggy breath nor the mess he left
He was always full of kindness.

He always had a treat for him
Remi knew just how to get it.
If he'd sit real still, beg with all his will,
He would have that tasty tid-bit.

But now this special man was gone
The one that some called Grandpa
The scent had grown faint, of this wonderful saint,
None was left but dear old Grandma.

He could tell that Grandma missed him too
She spoke his name quite often,
And when he asked with his eyes, her answers were cries
About his body being in a coffin.

But Grandma then would smile at him,
Like she understood his sadness.
And as their eyes met, she would start to pet
Their sorrows away to to gladness.

Grandparents Day Poem

A grandparent is the grandest mom or dad,
Not just because of all the kids they've had;
They've seen and done and known so many things
We honor them like preachers, priests and kings.

They tell us of a way of life that's past
When the world wasn't moving quite so fast.
When the family sat together every day,
To eat, to laugh, to sing, to talk, to pray.

The road we walk now they have seen before,
The tears we shed, they shed a whole lot more.
They understand our feelings, joy or pain.
They know the path; they've walked the dusty lane.

What can we do to honor these dear Grands?
We have no gift to place in weathered hands,
To adequately show how much we care.
Or prove to them how great the love we share.

Yet there is something awesome we can do
To show beyond a doubt our love is true.
If what they've taught is seen in how we live,
This is the best gift we could ever give.

Happy Grandparents Day!


 A Drop of Me

I loved you way before I saw you,
The tiny speck of life you were,
Tucked away inside your mother,
Yet still a part of me for sure.

That happy day my arms received you
No greater joy could ere be mine.
My heart embraced you, priceless treasure,
And overflowed with love divine.

I thought you looked just like your father,
Yet some of Mom was there to see.
And maybe it was wishful thinking,
But I'm sure I saw a trait from me.

A wonder you are my precious grandchild.
God made you with a drop of me,
And yet you're unique, so truly special,
And I dream of what you'll some day be.

 A Grandson Getting Married

A grandson getting married!
How could that possibly be?
I know twas only yesterday,
When I held him on my knee.

Wasn't it only months ago
When his mother came to me,
And shared her secret of life inside,
As she spoke excitedly?

Now here he is, a groom no less,
Where went his childhood days?
What happened to the baby boy?
With his baby thoughts and ways?

I do remember a growing teen
Who caught many mama's eyes
As the perfect match for their daughters.
Those mamas were very wise.

But our grandson was not an easy catch.
I remember that now, too.
He wouldn't settle for just any girl;
Only the best would do.

So here she is.  He found her.
The best to stand at his side.
For him the one and only girl,
For him, the chosen bride.

Life does pass by so quickly.
From babe to grown up man.
From bride to mom to grandma
From groom to proud old gramp.

So grandson just remember
Enjoy your sweet young bride.
The days will pass quickly, and someday you'll hold
A grandma at your side.

Grandpa can you tell me?

Dear Grandpa can you tell me,
Were you really a little boy too?
Did you play with frogs and balance on logs,
And find scary things to do?

Or were you always grandpa,
Were you always so old and so wise,
With your knowing grin and your stubbly chin,
 And your tongue that never tells lies?

If you were ever little,
Then maybe some day I can be
A grandpa like you, acting just like you do,
With a grandson as loving as me.

A Poem for Grandparent's day

 Grandparents, We Love You

We're blessed to know that we are loved
By someone wise and true,
Someone who loves us as we are
That someone, of course is you.

You listen not just when we smile,
But even when we grumble,
Although you sometimes have to say
We shouldn't always mumble.

We want you to know we love you too;
 We really do adore you.
 We appreciate the things you do,
And thank God daily for you.

Happy Grandparent Day


My poems are free for you to use, but if you do decide to use any of them, I would love to hear  from you.


  1. Thanks so much.
    Jean P. Young

    "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen."
    2 Corinthians 13:14 KJV

  2. Beautiful Poetry! God bless you.

  3. Loved a "Drop of me" Thanks!

  4. I loved "A Drop of Me"

  5. I loved the poem Grandparents we love you, so thank you. Janice Tunks

  6. You say Christian grandparents are extra special...well...didn't God say to treat everyone equally ? How can one separate the values of Christian grandparents from any others ? Does one have to go to church to be extra special grandparents ?Our ex-inlaws are church goers but because our son is no longer deployed and is stateside now - his ex-wife and mother of his child refuses to let us see our grandchild when we were allowed to see and keep this grandchild 1 weekend a month and 1 week during summer.They claim to be true christians.Can you define this please ? I was the primary caretaker,grandmother for 1st 4 years of this childs life.I taught this child to read,write,sew and bake and this child is only 7 now.Is this right ? The ex-daughter in law lets her mom and dad keep this grandchild at all times.So please define what you mean by Christian grandparents are extra special.

    1. Dear Friend,
      You sound like a very frustrated grandparent, and understandably so. First of all, let me say that God did not say to treat everyone equally. He said to give honor to whom honor is due. He also said to give respect and honor to the elderly.

      As far as defining a true Christian, the word itself means a follower of Christ, so a Christian will strive to live as He lived because he or she loves Him. We have no right to be the judge and jury, but the Bible does say that by their fruits you will know them.
      If you seriously want to gain your grandchildren back, the best (and hardest) way is to be loving and forgiving and be the loving example to your grandchildren that will draw them to you in spite of the restrictions.
      I hope this helps you.

    2. Dear Anonymous,
      My heart breaks for you, as a grandparent who was also denied access to our granddaughter after being close and loving her for three years. The pain is incalculable. It's called Alienation and is unfortunately rampant in the world today. I encourage you to look up AGA, Alienated Grandparents Anonymous - the website is extremely helpful, educational and will also help you connect to others in your area for support. All the best, from another heartbroken grandparent

    3. Very well said Carol.

  7. I want to use "A Drop of Me" in a newsletter for seniors at our church. It is a lovely statement of what is in our hearts. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for the privilege of using your grandparents day poem.

  9. I have been asked to do a reading of my choice at my grandson's forthcoming wedding. After much searching I found your wonderful poem "A Grandson Getting Married" Thank-you for allowing me to use this, it is perfect and I can't wait to read this in church, what a wonderful gift for them, from me, with your wonderful words. Thank you so much.

  10. Beautiful poems which will serve well at my school's Grandparent Day celebration on tomorrow. Thanks!!

  11. I hope to use 'A Drop of Me' as a Christmas gift to our first child's Grandparents! Beautifully written!❤️

  12. I think our school will be using "Grandparents, We Love You" for Grandparents Day.


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